Jane is a kind and caring professional who works with her clients to successfully reach their goals. Navigating the journey with warmth and compassion.

Jane possesses great experience working with individuals, teens, and families. She is caring, dedicated, non-judgmental, and knowledgeable in treating anxiety, depression, and geriatric issues. She is great at providing support through grief and losses. I recommend her as a team player in a therapeutic relationship. Her office is located in downtown Edmonds which is easy to locate and access through a code provided upon the appointment. Her office feels welcome, safe, and calm.

Jane Zerabruk is the epitome of amazing! She is considerate, kind, diligent, wise, and thorough. Jane values all of those around her and her attention to detail is keen. There’s no one I trust more. Christ-centered with morals to match, she is open-minded and honest. She cares for people in a way that will leave you feeling understood and like you’re on top of the world. She is a diamond… a beautiful treasure!

I recently visited Edmonds Christian Counseling and was immediately struck by the warm, cozy atmosphere of the place. Jane Zerabruk enthusiastically showed me around her office, which radiated the same inviting warmth.