I have known Lindsay Emerson for about 10 years, and she is a very compassionate and loving person. She posesses a passion for helping people. She tells it like it is and doesn’t sugar coat things, but she does so in a very loving and insightful way.
I value her as a friend and I know I can ask her opinion about something I’m going through, and she shows a tremendous amount of wisdom. But most importantly, she puts God first.

I have been very fortunate to know Lindsay Emerson for several years now, and she has been such a genuine, supportive, and encouraging friend.I have witnessed her journey to becoming a therapist, and have seen how passionate she is about helping people life their best life. Her Christ like heart for people is palpable!

I can attest that Lindsay Emerson is a person of integrity and character, and interacts from a solid foundation of faith. Her intention is to first seek the best for others, listen well, and help them to the best of her ability to journey through the healing process.
Lindsay Emerson has walked me through some of my life’s most challenging moments and cheered me on in both the lows and highs of life. She’s personable and trustworthy & I love how encouraged I feel after talking with her. She’s good people and great person to have in your corner!

Lindsay is non-judgmental and compassionate.