Marty did very well to counsel us. He listened well without jumping to conclusions. He internalized and would think through our problem and the next week he’d gives us counsel on what we told him the week prior. He gave us insights and truth that we would to this day not have without him. Thankful for what he saw and shared with us. He is a gentle, humble man. Very kind and courteous.

Marty Robinette, listens with compassion. He is kind hearted and places no judgement. Marty has a natural way to break things down, so I could make my best choices. The advice he has gifted to me, I use in my profession daily. I enjoyed my time that I spent with Mr. Robinette and would highly recommend seeking his services, he is amazing!

I have been in therapy intermittently for 30+ years. I have worked with four counselors in the period. Compared with the previous counselors, Marty Robinette is the most knowledgeable and compassionate. He has offered insights into my behaviors that now guide me to a more fulfilling life and better relations with others. My gratitude to Marty Robinette. God bless him.

Marty Robinette is a kind hearted man who has always been so easy to talk to…he listens without judgement and provides logical, practical solutions if that is what is needed. If you are looking for someone who will listen and care please call Marty Robinette.

I would highly recommend working with Marty Robinette for anyone who struggles with past trauma in their daily lives. He taught me to view the trauma with a new perspective, which in turn, allowed me to look at myself in a new way. Thanks Marty. I am forever grateful.