I had the opportunity to collaborate with Nate professionally for several years. Nate has dedication and unconditional positive regard for those he’s working with in therapy to support them on their path to live their best lives.

Empathetic, genuine, empowering, caring and sincere are just some of the words that come to mind for Mr Nate Ainley! Awesome person and awesome counselor!

Everyone needs a Nate Ainley in their life! Thank you for all the times you’ve helped me and my family grow!

Nate truly helped me through a dark chapter in my life. I exited our work together stronger than ever and excited to face the challenges ahead. Thank you!

I was fortunate to have found Nathan Ainley. He patiently interviewed me to uncover my therapeutic goals, needs, and concerns. Over a brief period of time, Nathan walked me through a comprehensive understanding of the root causes of my struggles. Nathan helped me gain perspectives that not only validated why I was feeling the way I did but he also ensured that knew I wasn’t the only one struggling. He provided me with a number of pragmatic tools and exercises, along with coaching, to maximize their utility. Ultimately, Nathan’s skillful techniques created an atmosphere of comfort and trust that helped me make significant gains. I wish I would have found him years ago.