Nicole is a great counselor. I love every chance i get to process my life with her. She asks great questions and listens carefully to what I’m saying while also showing empathy in thinking into how I am likely feeling. I feel very understood with her.

Nicolle has been there for me during some really tough times. Always full of empathy, never offering overly simplified answers, offering support, pointing to hope. I would 100% recommend seeing her.

Nicolle is one of the most caring and thoughtful listeners I’ve ever known

“Nicolle Mauer is an excellent therapist. She takes time to fully understand the details of your personal journey and asks great questions to pull out more than you thought was there.

Often times I find we as humans get very sedentary with our opinions about ourselves and the relationships we are in. The great questions Nicolle asks, drive you to look at your situation from a new perspective as her kind and gentle guidance steers you towards breakthrough and health. She strikes the perfect balance between being non-judgmental and passionate for change.

I have grown tremendously through my interactions with Nicole and couldn’t speak more highly of her character, insight and vibrant advocacy for those in need.”

Nicolle asks important and insightful questions and she listens thoughtfully to my answers. She asks more questions and listens more, and she empathizes. Nicolle never leaves me emptied and barren – she timely opens doors of helpful – but not presumptuous- understanding for me to consider. Nicolle knows my thirst for biblical perspective and truth and she is deeply equipped with knowledge and skills to deliver this to me along with additional resources. I always feel heard, stirred to beneficial thought and growth, and cared for in my soul by her. I’m so thankful for her.